A.K.A  Christ it stings!!

What I was thinking the other night after I made salsa. I got done, cleaned up, and went about my business. Part of that business involved building a fire. If you make fire like I do, part of the process is blowing on coals. This makes them hotter, lights up the kindling you put in, and makes smoke go everywhere (which is why I smell like campfire all winter. Chicks dig it, too.). One of the places included in everywhere is my eyes. Smoke gets in your eye, and what do you do? Well, you rub them with your habanero/jalapeno oil coated hands of course! At which point you scream:

"This is so f**king bad my eyes are burning. CHRIST IT STINGS!!"

and, ala Homer Simpson...

"This is the worst pain ever!"

Don't even get me started on why sex after making salsa is a bad idea...

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