When the butler comes in i'm already in my fluffiest robe with the sauna cranked up beyond the "danger" mark. He hands me my glass of red wine with perfect white gloves. I imagine drops of the wine on those gloves and take the glass without drying my hand. I secretly hope my fingers slide off the glass, but they don't. On the television they are talking about money. Sometimes they also talk about people. Obviously this bores me, but i like to see their faces and their hair styles, and imagine what sort of robe they might wear at night before they go to sleep. Do they sleep naked? Underwear? Pajamas? That sort of thing. Now they are saying we still respect them but their life is pretty different. I wouldn't want to work in a soup kitchen or carry people's furniture around. They grew up with a lot of money and went to a very expensive school and were very studious. Put up people's wallpaper for them. Just didn't see it coming, i guess. Sometimes everything's alright, everything's fine, and one day you wake up and you're on fire. Fix the locks on their doors, crawl under their sinks and fix that incessant dripping. I am yawning because this program is getting boring. Install new chandeliers! Imagine having to climb ladders all day. Someone knocks quietly on the door. "Come," i say. She turns off the television. "Hey! I was watching that."

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