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Listen, was there something in the tea? Like, something we had long ago. I don't mean...

...of course not, just my stomach hurts. We're all friends here. Maybe I'm just too paranoid, but the leaves on your face make me think.

Of course I loved you. Of course I did. My stomach hurts worse now.

Oh. Of course. Drove five hundred miles - lie down, look at the stars. Think of nothing. Maybe how my hands look, ballooning. Or how I want to touch the trees and see if they're velvet. Maybe. Have you ever read my things? Don't you know... of course not.

I want to marry all of my close friends and live in a big house together by an angry sea.

Yes I'm listening.

It's just so intense when it comes, I - you surprise me. Don't you see how the cat is watching? Maybe you shouldn't kiss me, with your lips all swollen like that.

If we listen to the stars, will my stomach stop hurting? Swelling almost like it's bursting?

You told me you loved me.

It's just strangely bitter, this, like we've been in a car going through time and space and the leaves look so much like silk and your lips are swollen, and - see, there it comes again, the waves. Hold tight. Was there something in the tea? The cat is watching. And the people look like flowers at last.

Sometimes I forget when I'm in the middle there. Think of nothing. Your face looks like a fox in the dark.

Kiss me, you are beautiful. These are truly the last days.

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