song from Beth Orton-Daybreaker-2002
written by Ryan Adams

what a thing to lose.......

Ms.Orton reminds us that broken hearts wound both sides, no matter when they come along. It knows no age, and no circumstance. The title implies the obvious: this time, this one is going to hurt longer than the others. Despite her protestations, she is both sorry for him and herself. Another failed affair, the latest in a series.

Smart, self aware people know that love is often transient and unfair. They tell themselves in multiple ways that they are stronger, afterwards. Learning from mistakes, and all that. Still, when they fall (because we all fall), the descent is just as steep. The view is the same from the bottom of that hill.

you'll learn one day, won't you?

She is talking about herself; she is talking about us all.


Do you even know what's going on in a heart,
Constellations turned into little polaroids
in a cardboard box
And I wanted so desperately to prove
You were still breathing
but wouldn't move
Okay, okay what a thing to choose
this one's gonna bruise
Did you ever notice how the wind didn't change, that much
Fluctuations only, sheets that you moved to be sure - it was us

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