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Founded in 1990, in Seattle, Washington, the Thomas Kemper Soda Company is the latest addition to the Pyramid Breweries Inc. family, making them one of the largest beverage distributors in the Northwest. Since 1995, Thomas Kemper has been a publicly traded stock on the NASDAQ National Exchange, under their parent company, as PMID.

Here's a list of the flavors available from Thomas Kemper Soda Company, along with the description for them found on their website:

  • Thomas Kemper Ginger Ale : The new Ginger Ale is a unique, delicious ginger soda – much more flavorful and rich than typical ginger ales, but not as spicy and overpowering as the craft ginger beers.
  • Thomas Kemper Classic Grape Soda : This Classic grape soda has an intense, full grape flavor and a wonderful aroma.
  • Thomas Kemper Vanilla Cream Soda : This flavor embodies our dedication to brewing the best classic sodas. Thomas Kemper Sodas are craft brewed by real hard working brewers (no machine mixers here) that help give our sodas full flavor. Our Honey Vanilla Cream Soda embodies this passion for quality and taste.
  • Thomas Kemper Root Beer : Enjoy the taste of our rich and creamy, batch-brewed root beer! First brewed at the Thomas Kemper Brewing Company's Oktoberfest celebration in 1990
  • Thomas Kemper Orange Cream Soda : Enhanced by local Washington honey and hints of pure vanilla, Orange Cream Soda captures the delicious taste of sun-filled oranges and cool cream soda in every bottle
  • Thomas Kemper Black Cherry Soda : Enjoy the tart, juicy flavor that's like a handful of fresh black cherries - without the pits! The deep cherry red color of this old-fashioned soda is indeed a beauty to behold.

Personally, I've only had their root beer. I really do enjoy the beverage, and recommend it over other, lesser off-brand root beers. It can be found at many grocery stores (Fred Meyer, Safeway, etc.) and even at some coffee shops (Starbucks).

Contact Information: Thomas Kemper Soda Co. 91 S. Royal Brougham Way Seattle, WA 98134 (206) 381-8712

Sources: http://tksoda.vista.com/main.php3?primNavIndex=0&

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