2018 Oct 9

15 minutes: Red is blood...

Red is the life-giver, the bringer of energy. Red is passion, the care we hold for one another.

Red is what drives us to do right, to help one another, to push one another forward. Red is the glow that appears only when two or more gather. Red is what allows our species to accomplish greatness.

Black is silence. Black is the yearning to be free. Black is the darkness that descends upon us, and drives us to fight, to live. Black is death, pain, and the rebellion against it.

We don black to mark our defiance against the things that are, to dare them to come down and face us. Because it is here we create a new world.

Red is the love we share. Black is our fight against those who would enslave us.

We cannot be so naive as to assume everyone will be on our side. Red cannot succeed without vigilance. We also cannot be so suspicious that it prevents us from working together. Black cannot succeed without connection and belonging.

These are the colors we fly, the colors we wear, and the colors of our flag. Not the colors of any one nation, but the colors of an idea, the idea that this will be the last flag anyone will need to fly, or not fly if they so choose.

We have no presidents. We have no uniforms but what you choose to make a uniform.

You may see our flags over the horizon, but we are already behind your castle walls. If our flags are not flying there yet, they are already in the hearts of those you least suspect.

We are coming because our time has come. It may have taken centuries but civilization has made us inevitable. Prepare yourselves. We are not as frightening as our enemies claim.

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