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Whilst on a business trip last week the hotel I was staying in in Rome left little cards on my bed as well as the usual sweets. The contents were

Fate la nanna e possiate dormire
il letto ve l'ho fatte di viole
e le coperte di quel panno fine,
la coltrice di penne di pavone
fate la nanna e possiate dormire.

Sleep tight,
for your bed is garnished with violets,
and your blankets are fine wool,
and peacock feathers
Sleep tight.
Old Sienese lullaby


Sovente in questo loco mi diporto...
questo รจ de' mei pensieri un dolce porto ...

Often I relax in this place...
this is the sweet shelter of my thoughts ...
A. Poliziano

Makes me wish I'd stayed a week to find others.

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