A British TV gameshow (in the loosest sense of the word) that has been running since the 1980's. I think that the Americans have a similar show called Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous or something. The show has been produced by 3 different TV networks over the years (ITV, BBC, and SKY).

Host Sir David Frost is in the studio with three daytime celebrity guests (e.g. Sandy Toksvig, Paul Ross, that wanky scouse comedian, Brian Blessed, Rory Underwood, etc.). The guests are played a bit of VT where crazy-voiced Canadian Loyd Grossman explores an un-named celebrity's house (or in the case of the BBC series, the house of someone only famous enough to own a tiny bungalow). We are shown a number of ultra-cryptic clues in each room.

Then we go back to the studio (with the timeless line "Who lives in a harse loik this? David, it's oovar to you.") where the three guests have to guess whose hoise - sorry, house - it was. This section reminds me strongly of the classic MB boardgame Guess Who? with the audience responses acting as pointers that they're getting close. (The audience response is often embarrassingly disproportionate to the skill of the deduction- "It's a man... or a woman?" *APPLAUSE* "Would I be right in saying they have legs?" *APPLAUSE*) Then (whether successful or not) the house owner is revealed and given a Golden Key. (Note the parallel with This Is Your Life's iconic Red Book - part of the format, part of the intellectual property, you see).

My favourite episode of the show had the house of Top Gear reporter/presenter Tiff Needell. Of course, everyone immediately guessed Jeremy Clarkson ... then Quentin Wilson ... then the posh woman ... then the old rally driver guy ... until David Frost had to tell them who it was (and explain to them who he was). This must have been crushing to Tiff Needell's ego. Another episode revealed news anchor Justin Webb was a hulking giant, which is never apparent when he's shown behind the news desk.

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