Launched by Billy Connolly on October 18th 1999, Tickety-Boo is tea selected from progressive tea gardens that outlaw exploitation, pay fair wages and ban child or bonded labour.

On top of this, all profits from the sale of the tea goes straight to various children's charities world-wide, and to fund the operational costs of two Tickety-Boo Tea houses in India, caring for over fifty orphaned or abandoned children.

Just eighteen months after the launch, Tickety-Boo had already raised over £50,000 to help children in India, China, Romania and Tibet. All just from people buying tea-bags which, in the UK, we're all doing anyway. Compare and contrast with the moral track-record of Nestle.

From The Tickety-Boo Tea Song, recorded by Billy Connolly and Ralph McTell:

Tickety-Boo, isn't that nice?
The only cup of tea that makes you feel good twice.
One lump or two?

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