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Tim McBride, a local singer/songwriter in Olympia, WA, is what my roommate calls "Acoustic Folk-Punk". His musical roots are somewhere between folk and heavy metal, and he brings to it a degree of callous sarcasm you almost had to be a young American in the late 80s and early 90s to fully comprehend.

With patriotic and politically correct songs like "Stars, Stripes, And Freedom", "To George", and "Solving men's problems", Tim McBride is all the rage in the conservative, backwater town of Olympia.

When Tim came home after a grueling one month west coast tour to promote his album "Running naked through your yard" (an album recorded live in his living room), he played by playing a free show with Adam Brodsky at the now defunct Sunshine Bakery and Cafe, two doors down from the Olympia Food Co-op. Though well advertised and free, the April 20th show was overshadowed by extravagant "Olympia Arts Walk" festivities down town (and by all the Greeners being too busy getting stoned on 4-20), but Tim played a full set to his 15 or so adoring fans anyway, reaffirmed his status as a renegade folk hero.

When he's not swimming in Capital Lake (a lake well known for the glowing fish and sparse vegetation,) Tim can be found working an ordinary shitty day job, or playing regular shows in what passes for venues in Olympia.

Tim has two albums, "Six Fun Songs", and "Running Naked Through Your Yard", both recorded out of his living room on his very own record lable, "Moodkiller Records".


  • http://www.geocities.com/themoodkiller/ (Tim's website.)
  • http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/337/tim_mcbride.html (Several of Tim's Songs, including all three mentioned in this node.)

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