From the 60's-80's BBC TV sci-fi series Doctor Who.

A fictional race of aliens from Gallifrey who discovered time travel. They try to police history.

They include the good rebel "The Doctor" (Doctor Who), the evil rebel "The Master" and the inventor of the Tardis "Rassilon".

Time Lords can regenerate 11 times (or 13 in some episodes), so when they die they can create a new body. They also have superhuman strength and two hearts.

The fictional race of powerful aliens of which The Doctor, protagonist of the long-running BBC science fiction series Doctor Who is a member in dubious standing. Hailing from the planet Gallifrey, which is in the constellation of Kasterborus in Mutter's Spiral, the Time Lords are a long lived and conservative lot, being able to live for centuries and regenerate bodies twelve times (for a total of 13 bodies, unless they come up with some mad scheme to extend the regenerations, ala The Master or the Valeyard).

The Time Lords have mastered the power of the black hole and travel the universe in TARDISes, ever observing, rarely acting. For this reason, the activist Doctor was a renegade from their society. It is a poorly kept secret that the CIA (Celestial Intervention Agency) is the activist element in Time Lord society, recruiting the Doctor and perhaps others to perform "black ops" type operations for them throughout the universe.

In addition to being the native race of the Doctor from Doctor Who, a Time Lord also appear in Lord British's Ultima series, specifically in Ultima: Exodus, with a cameo in Ultima VII: The Black Gate. Whether Richard Garriott was a fan of Doctor Who is unconfirmed at this time, but as This Week in Doctor Who describes, there are no episodes currently being broadcast in Austin, TX.

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