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After seeing various gods in finger trouble by mistyping the '/borg' command in the catbox ('/norg', '\/borg', etc...), I went off and wrote a very natty little javascript utility to put a toolbar of sorts above an E2 window, giving typo-safe access to the /borg command, amongst others. Then I remembered that the javascript security model doesn't allow such jiggery pokery, and shelved the idea.

This morning it occurred to me that the javascript bookmark method could get round this nasty constraint, and so I cut down some of the tools from there to fit into bookmark form.

The basic method of use is to copy the javascript code from here, create a new bookmark in Internet Explorer or Mozilla, and paste the code into the bookmark 'location' field. Selecting this bookmark from the menu or toolbar will then run the code. Personal Toolbar or the equivalent in probably the best place for these, or someplace equally handy.

Activating the bookmark (on an E2 page view with a chatterbox nodelet visible) pops up query box; into this go the username (for /borg or /sayas) and any other arguments that would traditionally go after the relevant command. Hitting 'OK' on the prompt box fills in the form on the chatterbox, and submits the form.


javascript: user=prompt("Borg user", "", ""); if (user) { document.formcbox.message.value = "/borg "+user; document.formcbox.submit(); }


javascript: user_string=prompt("Say as", "", ""); if (user_string) { document.formcbox.message.value = "/sayas "+user_string; document.formcbox.submit(); }

Tested with Mozilla and IE; they're pretty simple, nothing much could go wrong...

I may at some point add the still-useful features of typo-free /msg's, /macros etc, and add separate bookmarks for each potential 'sayas' voice; at the same time I'll put this into the form of a vaguely maintainable, importable bookmarks file (so it's not a case of copy and pasting each bookmark in turn).

NB. These will, of course, only work for gods. Javascript will not make you immortal or improve your sex appeal. Thank you for your attention.

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