Misc Commands:
    +antialias      Toggle Anti-alias
    +bigbrother     Cycles through units 
    +bps            Displays network transfer rates 
    +clock          Toggles in-game clock 
    +contour #      Displays contour lines (#=1-15))
    +createsquad #  Turns group into squad (#=1-99) 
    +f2menu         Brings up the F2 menu 
    +fogcolor # # # Change fog color in RGB values (#=1-256) 
    +lightrange #   Change lighting options (#=1-20) 
    +logo #         Change armies color (#=1-9) 
    +lotsablood     More blood
    +makeposter     Makes large BMP of game 
    +nameunit x     Renames your unit (x=name) 
    +page x         Pages player x 
    +quit           Quit to windows 
    +rollingfog     Toggles fog effect (3D only) 
    +scrollspeed #  Sets scrolling speed (#=1-64) 
    +selectunits    Deslects selected units 
    +shadows        Toggles shadows 
    +showblood      Toggles blood 
    +vidmode #      Change video resolution
    +wackyfog       Toggle wavy fog effect on/off 
    +wackywater     Toggle wavy water effect on/off

Cheat Commands:
    +atm            Fills manna stores 
    +doubleshot     Doubles all weapon damage 
    +halfshot       Halves all weapon damage 
    +los+           Toggles LOS on/off 
    +nowisee        See entire map
    +radar          Full radar coverage 

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