We were sitting on the sofa in the local pub, both tired and irritable from a stressful week at work. We held hands, but were at an early stage of our relationship and hadn't yet kissed in public.

As the alcohol kicked in and was augmented by our fatigue, we lost our inhibitions and snuggled up against each other.

Then we fell asleep.

We were nudged awake by some friends joining us - we had slept for maybe 2 hours. Thankfully, the pub staff had kept an eye on us and made sure we were safe and undisturbed. One of our friends had taken a picture of us snuggled up together and looking totally relaxed.

In our sleepy drunk state, she pushed me onto my back on the sofa and lay atop me. We then smooched. And smooched. And then we decided to be original and smooch some more. We both realised that others were watching (and genuinely cheering for us), but we simply didn't care. Without design or forethought, we had discovered our perfect way to kiss and be close. We had broken the ice in our public relationship, without even thinking about it. She had taken the lead and liked it; I had relaxed enough to let it happen.

We had discovered totally relaxed and carefree smooching.

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