A long-running and popular televised jidai geki in Japan. Also the nickname of Touyoma Saemon no Jou Kagemoto (1793-1855) on whom the title character of the show is based. Touyama was a machi-bugyou (governor - magistrate) of Edo under the Tokugawa Shogunate.

In every show, Touyama assumes the identity of a asobi-nin (literally, 'play person') Kin-san and catches the evil-doers in their act. In the ensuing chaos, he flashes a colorful tattoo (of cherry blossoms) on his back and makes his getaway as the bad guys look on, stunned.

Later, when the bad guys are being tried in his court and deny their wrong-doings, he shows them his tattoo again, and says:

Senaka ni chiraseta kono sakura no fubuki, yomoya miwasureta to wa iwasenee.
I can't let you say that you can't remember seeing these cherry blossoms scattered on my back!
The bad guys suddenly realize that Touyama is the witness to their wrong-doings. Touyama then enacts stern judgements upon the villans.


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