ToyFare is an awesome magazine made by the same people who make Wizard magazine. It is a monthly magazine that is about toys. It features photos, articles, and a price guide. It has been published regularly since July 1997 (Issue #1), but there were several specials issued before #1.
< BR> But it is so much more than a mere toy magazine. ToyFare is hilarious! And well worth $4.95 a month. It's written by a bunch of guys with the mentality of 12 year old boys--and that's definately a good thing. Plenty of breast jokes and Star Wars references. Plus you'll find features like Twisted Mego Theatre, which is a comic, but acted out by those old 1970s Mego Super Hero action figures; Aisle of Castaway Toys, where they find a lame-ass toy and tell you why it's not worth buying; and The Monkey Report, which is where they feature all the new toys that either are monkeys or resemble monkeys.

If you collect toys, then you should check out this mag.

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