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Actress and skin model. Depending on your source, this tall beauty of African American, Italian and Native American heritage claims that she was born on 1/13/71 or 1/13/68 in Cambridge, MA. Her claim to fame is that she was the first woman of color to become a regular on Baywatch.

Traci's career started when she was a student at Harvard University. Director John Landis spotted her and cast her in a small role in the gawd awful movie Celtic Pride with Daniel Stern and Damon Wayans. Following the tradition of leaving Harvard for a real career, much like Matt Damon and Bill Gates, Traci set out to Hollywood to make her fortune. She's stripped countless times for nudie mags and videos and has made the rounds as a video hootchie. After her character, Jordan Tate, was cut from the show, Traci married her longtime boyfriend, relatively unknown musician Robb Vallier in a lavish wedding in Iowa. For some reason, she still manages to get mentioned periodicaly in People magazine and even had an embarrassing guest appearance on Politically Incorrect that led many people to wonder aloud , "What the hell are they teaching at Harvard?"

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