"Scout Four, report status."

"Entering target region now. Visibility low."

"We show you on track for landing in four minutes, trajectory steady."

"A little blinded by the cloud cover, but as long as you have my back."

"Initiate landing sequence, Scout Four. Prepare to disembark."

"Roger that. Landing sequence engaged. Preparing for extravehicular exploration."

"We show you within seconds of touchdown. Report status."

"All's clear, Command. I can see the target site now. Thrusters engaging."

"Sensors report no hostiles in the vicinity. Can you get a visual."

"All is quiet. Preparing to exit vehicle."

"Equipment check, Scout Four."

"Roger that, checklist completed. Weapon locked and secured."

"You have permission to disembark."

"Thank you, Command. Opening hatch."

"We have you on screen. You know where to go."

"Yes. Region display operational. Terrain favorable. ETA four minutes."

"Proceed, report as necessary."

"Flora as expected from earlier reports. No sign of fauna."

"Closing in on entry."

"Smooth sailing so far. Entering structure now."

"Any sign of the others, Scout Four?"

"Nothing I can see. Approaching chamber of previous report. Continue with orders?"

"Continue. No indication of objective change."

"I got visual on artifact, as previous report. No sign of changes."

"Retrieve and return, Scout Four."

"Roger, Command. Approaching altar now."

"Are you doing okay? Vitals show elevated heart rate and breathing."

"I'm okay. Meeting a little resistance here. Some kind of field, but I think I can push through."

"Be careful, we don't want to lose you too."

"Within range of artifact. I'm going for it."

"Proceed, Scout Four."

"It's, it's... I'm getting visuals, Command, sensing things..."

"We have nothing on sensor. What are you detecting?"

"There's a story here, Command, a story I think you need to feel."

"That's fine, Scout Four, you may return with the artifact now."

"No, I think you need to come here, Command. Witness this for yourself."

"Return with the artifact, Scout Four. That's a direct order."

"No, Command, I have a name, and it's not Scout Four."

"We don't have time for your insubordination, Scout Four. Lives are at stake, and not just yours."

"I don't think you understand, Command. You've only seen things from your point of view, which while valid, is very limited."

"We don't have time for discussion, Scout Four. You will return with the artifact. Need we remind you of the penalties for insubordination?"

"That doesn't matter, Command. In the grand scheme of things, we are but droplets in an infinite ocean."

"Scout Four, pull yourself together. Are you listening to yourself? Return to base this instant."

"No, Command. We can't let you do this anymore. There are more things worth protecting than your jobs and retirements."

"Final chance, Scout Four, before we begin formal proceedings for disobeying a direct order."

"I have to thank you, Command, for bringing me this far. But we have to part ways now, unless you will join me."

"Are you kidding, Scout Four? You know that's impossible. Remember who you are, and why you're here. Remember your people, and your country. You know what the right thing to do is."

"Yes I do, Command, I truly do now. I know now why the others went the same way I'm heading. I know you will follow eventually, Command."

"I think we lost her. I think we lost her... Scout Five, report status."

"Entering target region now. Visibility low."

"Good, continue on current trajectory, Scout Five."

"Any word from Scout Four, Command? I heard she was already on-site."

"Yes, we're having a few technical difficulties communicating with her, but otherwise everything is running as planned. Continue as per training, Scout Five."

"This is going to be awesome, Command. I can't wait to see it."

"Yes, it's going to be awesome, Scout Five. Initiate landing sequence."

"Got it, initiating landing sequence. Any word from Scout Four? How are things down there?"

"Scout Four has the artifact and is studying it now."

"Wasn't she supposed to bring it back to base?"

"Focus on your mission, Scout Five. She's not your concern."

"I am focused. I just thought-"

"That's a direct order, Scout Five. Focus on your mission."

"Fine, fine, I just-"

"Direct order, Scout Five."


"Report status, Scout Five."

"Fine. Everything's fine."

"Report status, Scout Five."

"Hatch opened, I have visual of target site."

"Thank you, Scout Five. Proceed as planned."

"There's someone out here. I can see her."

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