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Warbird-Sniper: Fast moving & maneuverable, with a quick recharge rate. Fires a single bullet that will usually kill with one hit. It's the perfect ship for battling out in the open, and shooting through small gaps.

Javelin-Grenadier: Fairly quick & agile, the javelin fires a bomb that can bounce off one wall before detonating and damaging nearby ships (friendly and enemy). Also shoots three rear-firing bullets, and can detect cloakers. Good for assualting enemy bases, and defending small passages.

Spider-Machine gunner: Average speed & maneuverabiltiy. Can fire a steady stream of low-powered bullets. Good for finishing off ships with low energy.

Leviathan-Artillery: Incredibly slow, with sloth-like maneuverability, the Leviathan is one of the most important ships in Trench Wars. It is capable of firing a fast moving bomb that will damage just about every ship on screen and instantly kill all ships within a quarter of a screen of the explosion. The Levi is a sitting duck by itself and must always have an escort. It is easily the best ship for bombing an enemy base...if you can get it into place. Also has several repels and fires four slow moving bullets. Requires a bounty of 15 (I'm not sure of that, I think it may be 20) to attach to a Terrier.

Terrier-Transport: Extremely quick and agile, the terrier is the only ship in Tench Wars that can be attached too, making it very important when defending a base, or sustaining an attack. Fires four bullets, and can use a burst.

Weasel-Assasin: The most despised ship in Trench Wars, the Weasel has average speed and maneuverability and the ability to cloak itself. It fires three slow moving bullets that kill with one hit. Can also use repels.

Lancaster-Shotgun: Average speed & maneuverability. The Lancaster fires four bullets that spread out the further they go. Very useful for defending entrances.

Shark-Mine layer: A bit faster than a Lancaster, the Shark can lay up to four EMP mines (eight per team}. It also fires very slow moving bombs that are almost identical to the mines. The mines and bombs will usually destroy whoever hits them, and if not will keep their energy from recharging. Also has several repels for clearing enemy mines.

Leviathan/Terrier: While not a different ship, this combination is important enough deserve mention on its own. Basically, once a Leviathan has a high enough bounty, it attaches to a Terrier which then flies around outside the base with the Lev bombing at its leisure. The terr is fast enough to get away from just about any other ship. A very effective combination.

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