Having a little barbeque or get together this weekend? Tired of burgers and chicken? How would you like to impress your friends and neighbors by appearing to be a master of the grilling arts? A tri-tip roast is one of the best large cuts of meat for the grill. It is tender and juicey and not too thick, so you don't have to cook the hell out of it to please those few that don't like their meat to bleed on the plate.

  • Lightly score meat in a cross hatch pattern on both sides.
  • Apply pepper, salt and sage, (in that order) to both sides of meat and using your hand gently massage seasoning into meat, working it into the scores. The amount you use is entirely a matter of opinion. A teaspoon each per side is a good place to start.
  • Dice garlic and onion.
  • In a large pan, suitable for marinating, combine onion and garlic with 5 to 6 glug-a-glugs of olive oil.
  • Pop the top on one of your favorite beers and pour it into the oil/veggie mix. Whisk to combine.
  • Place meat in pan with mixture and refrigerate uncovered. Turn meat every couple of hours. Marinate for at least two hours and no longer than twentyfour.
  • On your grill, set flame to high and sear both sides of meat for about two minutes.
  • Move to top rack and set heat to low. Cook till meat is firm and resistant to gentle prodding, about an hour.
  • Turn at least once while on top rack.
  • After cooking, let meat rest for about five minutes prior to carving. Don't worry, it won't get cold, in fact, it will continue to cook.
  • Carve roast into slices and serve with a side dish that compliments beef... lile pork.

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