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Trice (?), v. t. [OE. trisen; of Scand. or Low German origin; cf. Sw. trissa a sheave, pulley, triss a spritsail brace, Dan. tridse a pulley, tridse to haul by means of a pulley, to trice, LG. trisse a pulley, D. trijsen to hoist.] [Written also trise.]


To pull; to haul; to drag; to pull away.


Out of his seat I will him trice. Chaucer.

2. Naut.

To haul and tie up by means of a rope.


© Webster 1913.

Trice, n. [Sp. tris the noise made by the breaking of glass, an instant, en un tris in an instant; probably of imitative origin.]

A very short time; an instant; a moment; -- now used only in the phrase in a trice.

"With a trice." Turbervile. " On a trice."


A man shall make his fortune in a trice. Young.


© Webster 1913.

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