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Trinity College, Cambridge

Trinity has about 1000 students (undergraduates and postgraduates - male and female) so is large enough to provide plenty of variety in the people you can meet. It has the largest May Ball in Oxbridge. It is also very lucky in being the third wealthiest landowner in Britain, coming after the crown and the Church of England.

Trinity College, Cambridge

Founded in 1546 by Henry VIII.

The master of the college is Prof A K Sen.

The senior tutor of the college is Dr D P Kennedy

The admissions tutor is Dr Ian McDonald.

The college offers the regular selection of courses available at Cambridge.

Website – http://www.trinity.cam.ac.uk

See Cambridge University for a list of all courses offered by the university.

Trinity college (Cambridge) also has the distinction of having graduates who have won a third of all Britain's Nobel Prizes, more than the whole of France.

Trinity College, Cambridge attracts a lot of myths, very often based on exaggerations of its wealth and power. Many of these myths are deliberately created and spread among gullible freshers at the start of a new year. Myths I've heard (and confirmed as false) include:

  • Trinity College owns the whole of Manhattan
  • You can walk from Cambridge to Oxford / London / wherever entirely on land owned by Trinity College
  • Members of Trinity College have won more Nobel prizes than the whole of France
  • Tony Blair applied to, and was rejected by, Trinity College

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