The county town of Wiltshire, it is situated in south-west England, about 12 miles away from Bath, 25 miles southeast of Bristol and 100 miles from London. Nearby villages include Southwick, Wingfield and Hilperton, while nearby towns include Frome, Bradford on Avon, Devizes and Melksham.

To be quite honest, it's a pretty much horrible place. I've lived here for most of my life and can't wait to get away. On the other hand, businesses seem to be becoming more and more attracted to the place - Virgin Mobile recently setup a call centre here - and there is a reasonable amount of employment available, including the Bowyer's sausage factory which many people love to deride.

The first mention of the town in available historical records is in the Domesday Book, where it is called 'Staburg'. There have been many other variations of the name since, but the essential story is that the name mutated to 'Strawbridge' before becoming the 'Trowbridge' we know today.

It was established as a (weaving) mill town in the early 15th century. There is a museum, Trowbridge Museum, dedicated to the history of this aspect of the town, opened in July 1990. It's an interesting visit, includes a lifesize model of a weavers cottage, and is situated inside Salters Mill, which became the last Trowbridge mill to close in July 1982. The Mill (and the Museum) are now part of The Shires Shopping Centre, a shopping mall which brings visitors from nearby towns and villages. Other old mills in the town center have been converted for other uses.

There is a fairly active railway station, three secondary schools (John of Gaunt School, Clarendon School and St Augustines School - I've been a pupil of the first two), a college, and a (non-professional) football club in the town. It also has a large library (including a seperate reference library, which doubles as the county library HQ), and, across the road from this, a very impressive building which serves as the County Council offices.

Many people visit for the annual 'Trowbridge Village Pump Festival', a folk/roots music festival. There isn't really much else for tourism around ... there is the Kennet and Avon Canal, the "Bliss Meadows Country Park" (a bunch of fields bought by the local council) and it's in a semi-convenient place for access to such things as Stonehenge and Avebury, but I certainly couldn't recommend a visit. Unless you're visiting me, of course!

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