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Tuborg Gold Label is a lager or pilsener type of beer.  This type is favored by the palate of the regular Dane (and, not surprisingly, most Danish beers are of this type).

The Gold Label at 5.8% alcohol per volume is slightly stronger than regular lager and it was originally created exclusively to export, but in 1895 it was introduced on the Danish market where it became a huge success as it is as easy and straight-forward as regular Danish lagers, yet more tasty.  Thus, all beer of this alcohol percentage are still known in Denmark as “Gold Beer”, whatever the label.  Tuborg Gold Label is affectionately known as a “Golden Lady”, or, if you are in a hurry, as a “GT”.

It goes well with pasta—just don't go easy with the parmesan—and with veal, and it is a personal favorite of mine when I visit Copenhagen bars.

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