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The USS Buffalo Solider (T-AK) is a United States Navy Military Sealift Command, Maritime Prepositioning Ship. The Buffalo Soldier is a reflagged French ship currently stationed at Diego Garcia

The Buffalo Soldier is a roll-on/roll-off ship that is self-sustaining. This means that it can unload itself without requiring a harbor or major infrastructure help. Her 120-long-ton capacity accommodates both tracked and wheeled vehicles, which lends it to various storage needs. Mostly she is loaded with U.S Air Force cargo.

Another use is underway replenishment, which is the major purpose of auxiliary vehicles. The Buffalo Soldier makes up a group of storeships, oilers, tenders, hospital ships and ammunition ships that allow the US Navy to travel around the world supporting its forces so far from local bases.

There are 19 civilians that make up the crew of the ship, which displaces 40,357 tons when fully loaded. Her length is 670 feet and her beam is 87 feet. Top speed for the USS Buffalo Solider is 16 knots. The USS Buffalo Soldier was built by Chanters Navigation de la Ciotat

Information for this node was taken from the Navy Fact File, http://www.chinfo.navy.mil/navpalib/factfile/ffiletop.html

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