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A Miranda Class starship, registry NCC-1864, assigned to predominantly scientific and exploration missions. As with all Miranda Class starships, it is very well armed and reasonably maneuverable, but is very weak in three-dimentional combat due to its lack of weapon mounts on its underside.

The Reliant was hijaacked by Khan Noonian Singh when its crew mistook Ceti Alpha 5 for Ceti Alpha 6 because of a change in the planet's orbit, and landed on the same planet Khan was sent into exile on as punishment for his attempt to hijaack the USS Enterprise.

The ship was then used to steal a top-secret experimental probe, and to launch a surprise attack on the recently refitted Enterprise, nearly destroying it. In the ensuing battle, the Reliant was damaged beyond repair, and was ultimately destroyed when Khan chose to detonate the probe rather than surrender.

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