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The eighth month of the Aztec Xiuhpohualli (calendar) was Uey Techuilhuitl. This was a month of festival, similar to the previous month, Tecuilhuitontli. In comparison to the western calendar, the month covered the dates we know as July 3 through July 22.

The principal gods honored at this time were Xilonen and Cihuacoatl. At this time of the year, food supplies were beginning to run low and getting the corn raised was the most important activity for everyone. Special sacrifices of women to the corn goddess Xilonen were made. The ruling elite, or Lords of the City, hosted the common peoples at a festival where the Lords fed the people for eight days. Again, as in the previous month, the Great Speaker of Tenochtitlan would preform a public dance and distribute gifts to the people. It was only during this month that the Warriors were allowed to dance with the unattached young women in public.



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