A Latin Catholic hymn. The hymn is very brief, only four verses, but it is set to beautiful music.

I learned the hymn when I lived with the Capuchins of the Pittsburgh Province. This was (and probably still is) the official hymn of the Province which they sang during all formal gatherings of the entire Province. They sang it in three languages, Latin, German, and English. I only remember the Latin original but will present my own, non-poetic (literal), English translation below.

Ultima in mortis hora
Filium pro nobis ora.
Bonam mortem impetra,
Virgo, Mater, Domina.

In the final hour of death
pray to (your) Son for us.
Obtain/get (for us a) good death,
Virgin, Mother, Lady.

Note that I translated Domina as Lady for the lack of a better English word. The word is used as the female counterpart of the word Dominus, meaning The Lord. The word Domina in this context has a very strong meaning as in The Lady, even the Queen.

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