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A wonderful French movie - a love story about a violinist and a man who repairs / rebuilds violins. The title translates to "A Heart in Winter". I give it one thumb up. (I'd give it two thumbs up, but then I'd have trouble using the space bar and thiswouldlooklikethis.)

I can't remember any of the actors off the top of my head, but I saw this nodeshell sitting out here all alone, and decided to put something here. If you know the actors/actrices, the year released, etc., please post it here!

It's been several years since I saw the movie, but I do remember that it was a wonderful tour of the Parisian cafes. And it accuratly reflected that you can smoke anywhere you want in France. Everyone does. Some say the French are oversexed, but not in this movie! This movie is about people who want love, need love, but their hearts hold them back. Kinda sad, yet realistic.

It's directed by Claude Sautet, who died recently (July 2000) and Daniel Auteuil(Stéphane), Emmanuelle Béart(Camille), and André Dussollier(Maxime) play the three leads. Camille the violinist and Maxime are lovers, Stéphane is the violin-maker who falls in love with her. It's beautifully shot and Béart is very watchable.

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