Released in 1989 and directed by John Hughes, this movies starred John Candy as a slob of a man who is asked to babysit his brother's rebellious teenage daughter and her two siblings (played by Gaby Hoffmann and Macauly Culkin).

Candy is in form as the big, crude, but lovable oaf who despises snotty behavior from kids or adults (the scene where he visits his niece's school and skewers the assistant principal is hilarious). This movie was actually one his better ones and a hit at the box office. It's too bad that Candy passed away so early in his life...when he had a starring role in a film, it was usually pretty good and this was a good example of that.

There was a short-lived TV show a year later which died a quick death after being rocked by critics and rejected by audiences. There was some silly controversy at the time over how crude television shows were becoming and "Uncle Buck" was held up as a prime example of that because it had a little girl telling her brother "You suck!" Geez...that's nothing compared to today's stuff.

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