The Uniform Building Code is a set of rules and regulations which have been codified and promulgated for the purpose of ensuring building safety.

This code is created by the International Conference of Building Officials, which is a non-profit organization of industry professionals.

Various governmental entities adopt the UBC, as it's known, into law in their jurisdictions, sometimes with local amendments to account for regional variations in building techniques and materials.

Once adopted in a jurisdiction, a building code is used by architects, engineers, construction firms, and building officials to determine safe methods and materials for construction of buildings and dwellings within the jurisdiction.

One of the major reasons why natural disasters tend to cause fewer fatalities in the United States and other industrialized countries, is that they have all passed various building codes, such as the Uniform Building Code.

The Uniform Building Code will eventually be superceded by the International Building Code which was first published in 2000 by the International Code Council (ICC).

In addition to the Uniform Building Code, these are some of the other codes that relate to the construction industry:

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