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United Bamboo is one of the more well-known Chinese organized crime groups, or Triads. It is based out of Taiwan

The organization was founded in 1957 by the teen-aged sons of a number of Chiang Kai-shek's generals who decided to to camp in Taiwan rather than be crushed by the communist armies of Mao Zedong. Disenchanted by the humiliation of their fathers they started fighting other gangs on the Bamboo Forest Road.

In their report, United Bamboo Gang: Portrait of a Triad, the U.S. Customs Service reported on the estimated size of the organization as well as their areas of expertise.
United Bamboo consists of over 10,000 members, mostly second and third-generation mainland immigrants. They work mostly in debt collection, gambling, loan sharking, "security," as well as more legal pursuits like restaurants and other small businesses.

United Bamboo Members' Code of Ethics

1. Harmony with the people is the first priority. We have to establish good social and personal connections so as not to create enemies.
2. We have to seek special favors and help from uncommitted gang members by emphasizing our relationships with outside people. Let them publicize us.
3. Gambling is our main financial source. We have to be careful how we handle it.
4. Do not take it upon yourself to start things and make decisions you are not authorized to make. You are to discuss and plan all matters with the group and the elder brother first.
5. Everyone has their assigned responsibility. Do not create confusion!
6. We must not divulge our plans and affairs to outsiders, for example to our wives, girlfriends, etc. This is for our own safety.
7. We have to be united with all our brothers and obey our elder brother's orders.
8. All money earned outside the group must be turned over to the group. You must not keep any of it for yourself. Let the elder brother decide.
9. When targeting wealthy prospects do not act hastily. Furthermore, do not harass or threaten them. Act to prevent suspicion and fear upon their part.
10. If anything unexpected happens, do not abandon your brothers. If arrested, shoulder all responsibility and blame. Do not involve your brothers.

The Code of Ethics is translated from a document seized by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

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