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Universal Migrator part 1: The Dream Sequencer is an album by Ayreon. The mastermind behind this album is Arjen Anthony Lucassen, a dutch guy. Universal Migrator was released in 2000, and was released as 2 seperate cds: Universal Migrator part 1: The Dream Sequencer and Universal Migrator part 2: Flight Of The Migrator.
The Dream Sequencer is the softer, atmospheric cd of the two, and Flight Of The Migrator is the harder one. Univeral Migrator tells the story of the last surviving human on the Mars colony. He's running out of oxygen, the rest of the colonists have died, and he can't go back to Earth. So, the last thing he does is go into a device called the Dream Sequencer. This device enables him to go back to his youth and even further through history, in his dreams. On The Dream Sequencer, he goes back through time to the first man on Earth, while on Flight Of The Migrator, he goes even further back, to the time before the Big Bang.

The songs:

1. The dream Sequencer. The beginning of the story. The last survivor steps into the Dream Sequencer. The voice is done by Lana Lane

2. My House On Mars. The colonist goes back to his youth. Because his father died in the war in 2084, he feels alone. Vocals by Floor Jansen of After Forever and John Edlund of Tiamat.

3. 2084. In 2084, Earth is completely destroyed by war. The colonist sees it through the eyes of a woman, who sees her body lying dead on the floor, killed during the war. Vocals by Lana Lane.

4. One Small Step. The colonist travels back to 1969, and sees Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. Vocals by Edward Reekers (Kayak).

5. The Shooting Company Of Captain Frans B. Cocq. It is the seventeenth century. The colonist is one of the characters who is being painted by Rembrandt, for The Night Watch. Vocals by Mouse, from Tuesday's Child.

6. Dragon By The Sea. In the sixteenth century, Queen Elizabeth is sending Sir Frances Drake out to fight the Spanish Armada. Vocals once again by Lana Lane.

7. Temple Of The Cat. In the 9th century, a girl is searching for a Mayan temple. The vocals are done by Jacqueline Govaert of Krezip.

8. Carried By The Wind. Place: England. Time: 6th century. The colonist views it through the eyes of Ayreon, the blind minstrel from Ayreon's first album, The Final Experiment. Vocals were done by Arjen Anthony Lucassen himself.

9. And The Druids Turned To Stone. In 2300 before Christ, druids are in a circle of stones, performing rituals. Vocals by Damian Wilson (Landmarq).

10. The First Man On Earth. The adventures of the first man on earth, about fifty thousand years before Christ. The earth was still beautiful back then. Vocals by Neil Morse from Spock's Beard.

11. The Dream Sequencer Reprise. An instrumental song, that closes the album. The colonist wakes from his hypnosis.

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