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Universal Darwinism is the idea that darwinism can be used to explain absolutely every aspect of human life and social interaction; explaining every aspect of humanity as something which optimized survival. It tries to explain such genosynchrasies(warning! coined term) as love, friendship, chess, etc. as coming about because they aid in survival. Universal Darwinism is usual an attempt to describe everything in society but can be drawn to any randomly dynamic system

It is facetious however to say this, for natural selection does not operate so. Although any randomly dynamic system prone to a strong selecting force will 'evolve' that does not dictate that all aspects that are inefficient are weeded out, only those which directly lead to the destruction of a specific pattern in said system. one can easily picture natural selection as a sieve or dialysis membrane, pulling through a solution of randomly changing polyhedrons. As the sieve pulls through, only specific shapes will pass through. Still that does not mean the most optimum shape will be the only one to pass through. If there is a majority of a slightly less optimum shape it will breed1, and overwhelm the optimum shapes.

Another flaw in universal darwinism is remnants, whose gradual removal is not compliant with the selective force, but whose complete removal would be the most efficient. Biologically this is seen in the appendix. Smaller appendices are more prone to infection, and thus more likely to kill the human to which they belong before he/she can reproduce. Corollaries can be drawn between this and certain memes.

1We can imagine these polyhedrons 'breeding' in a collision, resulting in a cross between the two. We can also suppose a certain base nutrient concentration, which leads to competition.

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