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The Unnkulia games were a series of text adventure games from Back In The Day. There were five of them:

All of the games were made with TADS, the Text Adventure Development System. The first three were written by D. A. Leary, the latter two by David Baggett.

The Unnkulia games were text adventures of the best kind. The puzzles were complicated, the dialogue excellent, the narration top-notch, and the humor ubiquitous. They were a prime example of satire being one of the best representations of the genre. They were stuffed to the brim with puns, references to the clichés of the genre, and other tidbits.

The main recurring themes in the Unnkulia universe include the long-dead Valley King and his treasure, the Acme corporation (proud makers of a million crappy things made out of “cheez”), the Dudhist monks (who believe in staying cool), puzzles involving frying eggs, and a host of red herrings of all shapes and sizes.

The first game in the series was Unnkulian Underworld, which told the story of a slave who went adventuring after the death of his master in the underground caverns of the Valley King. The second game, Unnkulian Unventure II, continued his story as he began adventuring again as a publicity stunt. Unnkulias Zero and One-Half were basically released simultaneously, the latter as a freeware promotion for the former. Zero was about a warrior of the Valley King who had to save the King’s beloved from the Demons of Unkul. One-Half told the story of an Acme salesman who abandons his company to found an inn which recurs in later games.

The games are fairly easy to locate and play these days, as they’ve all been rereleased as freeware, and the interpreters for them are simple to set up. They’re very much a treat in these days where eye candy counts for as much (if not more) as actual content in many games. They’re also quite difficult, requiring a fair amount of thought to get through and a fair amount of devotion to commit to without a guide of some sort.

Source: http://www.wurb.com

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