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  1. An unctuous character in Charles Dickens' David Copperfield.

  2. late 60's - early 70' British heavy metal band. The only album I'm acquainted with is Look At Yourself, which was like trippy flower child Black Sabbath, rather than the actual heavy gloomy sad Black Sabbath.

Uriah Heep, a trippy 70's band composed at various times of Mick Box, Lee Kerslake, Bernie Shaw, Phil Lanzon, Trevor Bolder, David Byron, and Gary Thain, helped to pioneer Heavy Metal. Uriah Heep has and always will be a touring band, and a partying band. They still play shows today.

Uriah Heep debuted with Very 'Eavy ... Very 'Umble. They then went on to produce: Salisbury, Look at Yourself, Demons and Wizards, The Magician's Birthday, Sweet Freedom, Wonderworld, Return to Fantasy, High and Mighty, Firefly, Innocent Victim, Fallen Angel, Conquest, Abominog, Head First, Equator, Raging Silence, Different World, Sea of Light, Sonic Origami, and an assload of live albums too many to even name.

Uriah Heep's third album, Demons and Wizards (1972), was a masterpiece on the same scale as Seargent Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band, minus the recognition. Regardless, the album was largely influencial on music. The rest of their albums were average fare and never they lived up to their past glory. (See also- Demons and Wizards)

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