History: VCR's that blink 12:00 are something that first appeared in great numbers in the 80's. When the consumers begin to demand more VCR's for home videos. This created a new competitive market. Each new company was trying to out do the other by adding new features, bells and whistles to it's product. One of the first added was a clock. And as a nice feature the clock would blink 12:00 to inform the owner the clock is not set. Often the clocks were difficult to set. And owners would read the manual once to figure out it and set it. But later when the clock would reset because of power failure or such the owners would not deal with it and let it blink.

Being able to set one's VCR to the correct time has been a symbol of one's technological knowledge for sometime. Those that are technological less inclined see this feat as a miracle.

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