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VOI is a puzzle game about stacking simple shapes to make specific pictures. It's super simple, shapes are black, the background is white, a shape over another shape is white where they overlap, three overlaps are black, four are white, and it just goes back and forth from there. By all rights it should be really easy and with just two pieces it is. Once it gets up to three pieces is where the game starts to show its true colors. There's probably some lesson about combinatorics in here but the difficulty more than doubles. Then we get four pieces. Then five.

In each case there is a picture that all of the pieces have to somehow intersect to become. As far as strategy goes the best I've come up with is to figure out which shapes have to be in what places; a picture with only one right angle in it and one right angled shape will most likely be using said shape for said right angle. But, two forty five degree angles form a right angle so it's not guaranteed. Moreover when several pieces are overlapping it quickly becomes hard to remember how they are stacked or even what the pieces were. If I have one complaint about this game it's the difficulty of moving specific pieces when they are all stacked up on each other. On one hand this is a real problem since moving the pieces around is the only game play mechanic and on the other hand I have no idea what could be done to fix it. My impression is that this game is best played in short bursts since progress is binary. You've either succeeded or you are still figuring it out and that makes the game quickly frustrating. Steam page here.


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