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The Valparaiso Metro is a Metro centered in Valparaiso, Chile. It consists of a single line, running from the Port area of Valparaiso, along the ocean to Viña del Mar, before turning eastward towards the suburbs of Quilepué, Villa Alamena and Limache. In all, the line is around 27 miles, or 44 kilometers, long. Along with the Santiago Metro and the Biotren in Concepción, it is one of three rail mass transit systems in Chile.

The Metro is a bit different than other mass transit systems, especially compared to the Santiago metro. It only has a small section of track, in Viña del Mar, that is underground. And while its stations in Valparaiso and Viña del Mar look like urban transit stations, it has large gaps, of several miles, in its route after it leaves for its suburban leg. In other words, it in many ways resembles a commuter rail line, more than a Metro system.

Like the Santiago Metro, it uses a contactless card system for fare, which is paid while exiting. The fare changes depending on distance traveled, but it is generally between 50 cents and a dollar, US. The trains are two cars long, and are usually not too crowded. Although they are powered by overhead wires, they go over normal railroad tracks, with a soothing "clickity clack". Especially in the east, when it passes through farmland, it can feel like a relaxing experience, something that is certainly not true of the Santiago Metro.

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