Variations on the Death of Trotsky is a one act comedy by David Ives, and is contained in the collection All in the Timing. The play depicts several variations of the death of Leon Trotsky. After Trostky dies in each variation, a bell rings and the play continues with a new version.

Trotsky: "Sometime, for everyone, there's a room that you go into, and it's the room that you never leave. Or else you go out of a room and it's the last room you'll ever leave. This is my last room. "

The play was first performed at the Manhattan Punch Line Theatre in New York City in January of 1991, with the following cast and crew:

Trotsky:           Daniel Hagen
Mrs. Trotsky: Nora Mae Lyng
Ramon Mercader: Steven Rodriguez

Director: Jason McConnell Buzas
Set Designer: Vaughn Patterson
Costume Designer: Sharon Lynch
Lighting Designer: Pat Dignan
Stage Manager: Kathryn Maloney

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