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lived from 1475 to 1517

Balboa was a Spanish explorer who is primarily known for being the first European to discover the Pacific Ocean.

When living in Hispaniola, he worked himself into a bit of a debt, and therefore he grabbed his dog and skipped town by stowing away on a ship in 1510. The ship happened to be that of an explorer named Fernández de Enciso, and it was bound for Panama. Once it reached Panama, Balboa siezed control from Enciso of the expedition. Hearing from the Indians around there of a body of water on the other side of Panama, he and his newly acquired men marched across the isthmus and became the first Europeans to discover the Pacific Ocean. He promptly claimed the whole thing for Spain.

After this, he heard from some of the natives about a great civlization who resided in cities of gold and the like. He was vastly intrigued by this, and, being the conquistador he was, proceeded to gather his men and march south with the intent of stealing from,conquering, and otherwise kicking around said peoples. He explored a tiny bit, but he never found this civilization, however, because he was ultimately caught and executed for treason by, of all people, Francisco Pizarro. The civlization he had heard about turned out to be the Incas, and Balboa's executioner, Pizarro, went on to conquer them.

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