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One of the main cast members from the funny book series Stray Bullets. Virginia's a troubled kid with a hair trigger temper and a wild imagination.

Her mom's an impossibly evil psycho bitch, and the two of them are constantly at each others throats. Her dad seams like an okay guy, but I think that there's something up with him too, expect creator David Lapham to elaborate on that is upcoming issues.

Anyway, like most characters in the series who seem like decent enough people, good times are not ahead for old pops. After the shit goes down Virginia takes to periods of running away from home and eventually escapes into a whole other story arc.

Like I said Virginia's an imaginative kid and she's alway righting stories about the on goings of her life which are pretty good many of which involve her pet creation Amy Racecar, her alter ego whom she gradually transforms into over the course of the series.

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