Translation: yoga position meaning "the heroic posture"


1. Kneel on the floor with the calves and tops of the feet flat on the floor and the thighs touching.

2. Slowly spread the feet, about shoulder distance apart, while keeping the knees together. Sit flat on the floor.

3. Breathe slowly and deeply through the nose and remain motionless for six complete breaths.

4. Inhale slowly and stretch the arms straight up over the head and interlock the fingers with the palms pushed upward. Remain in this position for six complete breaths.

5. Exhale slowly. Release the fingers and slowly bend forward at the waist while placing the palms of the hands flat on the soles of the feet. Place the chin between the knees. Hold this position for six breaths.

6. Inhale while raising the chest up and stretching the legs straight ahead. Place the hands, palms down, on top of the thighs.

Comments: This is a little difficult for most people if they are not used to sitting this way. To start out, I recommend keeping your feet together and sitting back on your calves. When you become comfortable, gradually separate the feet further apart. Eventually, complete separation will be possible.

You should never be uncomfortable when doing yoga. The main purpose is to relax the mind which is nearly impossible if you are uncomfortable.

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