"Funny while my memory sleeps we'll open noble manuscripts of unpublished rhyme,
Drinking my Vodka and lime..."
- Simon and Garfunkel

The drink of champions. That's what I call it at least.

A simple drink to make, all it takes is 1 part lime for every 2 parts of vodka, stirred well.

I prefer it served on the rocks, but some people say it'll dull the taste of the vodka once the ice starts to melt, so that's really up to you.

Why do I love it so? Simple, really. It takes the burning sensation out of vodka, and replaces it with a refreshingly sweet taste. The sourness inherent in a lime is nullified by the alcohol's taste, and the result is a very smooth, very pleasant beverage.

It's a hell of a lot better then the ever popular, especially with the high school crowd, vodka and lemonade.

This is my drink of choice, and unlike other drink which I prefer food with, just drinking my vodka and lime is more then enough to quench my thirst for alcohol.

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