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Vulcan's Blessing (Caffeine Smoothie, Exam Season 2007)

Six tablespoons of coffee granules
Four tablespoons of honey
Eight tablespoons of cocoa powder
Five tablespoons of sugar
300ml of milk
300ml of yoghurt
300ml of water.

Boil the water and use it to dissolve the coffee and honey. Add this to a blender, then put everything else in. Blend until it looks like frothy grey death. Chill, or preferably leave on a worktop whilst you scribble the dogma of animal development until it goes cold. Drink.


Self explanatory. When it’s four in the morning, and you have a report due in five hours which is nowhere near complete, this will pick you back up to at least forty percent.

Part of Devilfloss' Vegetarian Cookbook: A Simple and Accurate Guide To The Revolution

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