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An in-between place swallowed the thumping staccato of the Walking Man's boots. The asphalt was laid down and forgotten so many years ago it may have not existed. The promise it held faded away from the now, like so many things do.

Got to simplify. Keep walking. Don't stop.

Nobody knew where he was going to, if anywhere. Did the Walking Man know? Who can say? He's less man now than idea. The Engine of Need. The simplicity of pursuit. Pass Go and collect $200. It was the in-between places that held the real test.

Alone with himself, the Walking Man faced the worst of the questions. The lonely wind carried no concerned voices, no churning city noises. Nothing but the late summer song of grasshopper legs and the shiver of windblown leaves. The horizon means less in the wilderness. Movement is almost imperceptible. Just keep moving. Pull the hat down against the burning daylight and put the collar up against the swarming bugs.

The Sun rolls away while he walks. He respects a fellow traveller. For a moment, he wonders if on the far side of the world, a man is keeping pace with him. What would "Mr. Moon" look like?

Why does he walk? Am I chasing him or is he chasing me?

A shake of the head is all he can offer up in answer. Got to simplify, keep walking, don’t stop.

Even here, a million miles from nowhere, the Walking Man kept up his pace against himself. Miles to go before we sleep.

turn back?| Don't stop

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