"Touching down in 60 seconds."

"I'm so excited," he said, "maybe I shouldn't be, but it still feels like the first time, every time."

He'd get used to it I thought. His honeymoon has lasted longer than expected.

"Where do you think we should hit first?"

"Well, I do like ice cream."

"So Serendipity 3 first? I can dig it."

We were landing, rolling down the runway. He seemed more wrapped up in plans for the coming days than caring about the landing. Getting our luggage seemed to be of secondary concern as he droned on about this or that place we were going or had already been to.

I'd never seen anybody this excited about the job for so long.

"Then the pizza place next and that's it for this town?" he said, sounding more like a question than making a statement.

We were here for two things. Ice cream. Pizza. Then off to the next destination. Life on the road. We never stopped anywhere for long. A permanent home was long in our past.

I missed those days before this. He didn't mind at all. I wondered what he was running from.

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