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Wasteland Warrior is a type of person. They lives in the wasteland (duh) and do tough stuff. To determine if you are this type of person, check the yes/no questionary below.

WasteLand Warrior Test:

Has the Apocalypse happened? If you cant tell, is it dusty outside and filled with ugly people with poor fashion sense?

Do you only speak a few firm words at a time, delivered with a stern look?

Have you been drinking?

Do you often have to dodge hungry packs of biker salesman that want to sign you up with a 'great rate' on car insurance?

Have you even be stricken with the strange urge to drive your jet black, ass-kicking, hotrod through hordes of carnivorous mutants to save the life of a tasty babe and/or sidekick? Just for fun?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, you better put you leather jacket back on and peel some rubber, 'cause if the other Wasteland warriors find out you where onE2 . . .

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