Watsi is a crowdfunding website allowing people in developing nations to request help with healthcare.

"Recently Lengai was bitten by a snake while exploring in the bush. Ever since the incident the condition of his hand has been getting worse despite being taken to the local dispensary. Lengai’s mother has spent so much money that she can no longer afford to pay for further treatment of her son’s hand.

$780 will cover the cost of an amputation of Lengai’s little finger and skin grafting so that he will be able to have full function of his hand."

--Lengai from Tanzania

Watsi partners with medical providers around the world to identify patients that need low-cost/high-impact medical care. Watsi raises the money, the treatment is provided, and you get an email about the outcome. It couldn't be much more simple... although, if you decide to buy Watsi gift cards as gifts for your friends (hint: you should), it will be even easier, as they can spend their gift card on the patient of their choice without logging in -- it's simply a matter of visiting the site and clicking on a face they like.

Watsi is fully transparent, and 100% of your donation goes to the case you select. Operating expenses are covered by charitable foundations, philanthropists, and donors who leave an optional tip during checkout. Cases on offer include... well, pretty much everything, from all over the world. You can help remove an ovarian mass in Burma or give an infant heart surgery in Haiti.

The minimum donation is $5. You should check them out.

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