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"Three things are particularly necessary in each happy and ideal state – the magistrate, laws, and citizens' obedience towards them. For without them no state or human community can function properly."

-The Accomplished Senator

Wawrzyniec Grzymala Goslicki, better known by his Latinized name Laurentius Grimaldius Gosliscius was a Roman Catholic bishop and diplomat. Bishop Goslicki was born in 1530 near the city of Plock and died in 1607 in Poland. Goslicki studied at Jagiellonian University, the alma mater of Pope John Paul II in Krakow. He received his doctorate in canonic law in Italy. It was there that he wrote his most famous book, De optimo senatore, The Accomplished Senator.

"The public happiness of the community lies in the private happiness of individual subjects… All citizens are born equal and have equal rights..."

-The Accomplished Senator

His great literary work influenced many minds. Expressions from De optimo senatore were transplanted directly by Thomas Jefferson directly into the United States Constitution.

Goslicki and the liberal intellectuals that followed him were responsible for the signing of the second Constitution ever and the first in Europe, that of the Polish Commonwealth.

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